You are on holidays and you choose a villa than a busy hotel, your purpose is to relax and enjoy every single minute! You know better than others that time is a precious gift. 

You committed to your self that these days will belong to you, that you will gift yourself the best, that you will not do anything but everything will come to you. Some may call you egoist, but you know that you worked for it and you really DESERVE IT! 

You come with your friends and family for enjoy, nothing will stop you from this, NOTHING. You are about to live the perfect holidays and we are here to do our best for you! 

After your request, our staff will be at your place. They will create an atmosphere like you are in a spa. Music, smells, kindness and best quality of services will take the effort to assist you having a spa experience without leaving your place! 

I will tell you a secrete now.

Staying home and receive massage it costs some euro... The feeling that just after the massage you will be next to your swimming pool, your bedroom or your garden..... is priceless!!! 

While we speaking about pricing and services: 

The massage we are offering at villas is the "Tailor Made Aromatherapy Massage". 

We choose this because in that session there is not any protocol, first our therapists will speak with you, they will try to acknowledge your needs far beyond your words, and then and only they will start serving you. Also during the Tailor Made Aromatherapy Massage the therapist may change the protocol again upon the needs of your body he or she will feel and sense. 

Lets see now how we charging.

  1. The price of the massage is the same with our indoor price list. 55€
  2. Each therapist is allowed to give 1-3 sessions on row. 4 or plus persons will require 2nd or more therapists. 
  3. Transportation and installation costs 50€ plus for each therapists. 


  1. If a couple desires to receive massage in same hour from 2 therapists. The total amount of transportation & installation will be 85 € (saving 15)
  2. If there are 8 -11 persons The total amount of transportation & installation will be determined - 30%(saving 45€ - 60€)
  3. if there are more than 11 persons The total amount of transportation & installation will be 100€ (for only 1 day) 

Contact us Whatsapp: 0030 6932766138 


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