1. The therapist acts as a "catalyst" activating all mechanisms of the body, which eventually restores the balance and faces the problem.

2. It is absolutely safe due to mild movements that being applied and so can be applied to variety -even serious- pathologies, without any adverse reactions. 

3. Because the method stimulates all the functions of the body, its application is able to help in all kinds of problems of any body system (musculoskeletal, digestive, respiratory, immune, etc.).

4. With the minimum intervention on the body, it intends maximum effect, despite other techniquesIt is pleasant and takes much less time than other methods to help you.

5. It is pleasant and takes less time than other methods to help you.

6. It works as a natural medicine, even in the first session it can bring relief.With the minimum intervention on the body, it intends maximum effect, despite other techniques

7. Activating the body can lead to improvement in other problems you may face, along with the one for which you visited the therapist.

8. It is the only method that works as a preventive treatment, since it can helps to protect your health for many years.

9. It doesn't have adverse reactions and side effects that would prevent you to try.

10. There is no need to pause any medical treatment you are already following, because it goes along with classical medicine.

If you are on holidays...

The truth is that Bowtech is an approach which promotes repeating sessions. That doesn΄t means that just one visit some times it is not enough to create changes even for chronic matters. 

Beside this, it is an experience to consult Mr Petrakis about your body's matters.

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Petrakis Pantelis



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