Luminously radiant look

Inspired by the undeniable charm, glamour and lifestyle of the Greek islands, this glowing therapy promises a brighter, firmer and noticeably younger-looking skin. This facial, thanks to its valuable ingredients such as wheat proteins, clinically-proven enlightening extract of rapeseed and vitamin C, targets signs of aging, evens skin tone and texture, and stimulates collagen production for a healthy, glowing complexion!
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Duration: 60min /80€


Vital hydration and nutrition

A highly rejuvenating and ultimately hydrating experience dedicated to the richness of local flavors and aromas, such as sage, honey and other nourishing elements that instantly restore your skin hydration levels. Feel your skin soft and supple with an immediately healthy and radiant appearance. Allow yourself to experience the soothing effect of rosewater intertwining with the thirst-quenching aromas of lime, while your skin indulges in the unique moisturizing benefits of our precious honey mask. Soothing apricot oil envelops skin with anti-ageing benefits, while the final skincare routine ensures that the moisturizing aspects are maintained thereafter ...Read more

Duration: 60min / 70€

Lunar Grace

Luxury anti-aging facial with crystals

The ultimate anti-ageing experience for your skin, empowered by precious gemstones for a totally glass skin effect! Specifically designed to target dullness, dryness, wrinkles and sagging, this treatment promises to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, support thin, fragile skin and increase its elasticity and firmness. Rose Quartz Crystals contribute to the facial massage ritual, focusing on minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, as the proprietary blend of evening primrose and ylang ylang, repairs and rejuvenates the skin, promoting an overall youthful appearance, with a visibly firmer, tighter and more lifted look... Read more

Duration: 60min / 90€



Anti-ageing intensive moisturizing and nourishing treatment. Male skin needs hydration and deep nourishment. A specialized anti-aging treatment, specially formulated for the needs of the male skin. It contains royal Jelly, Mediterranean coral, wild rose and evening primrose oils. The ingredients of the products that are applied are designed to help cellular renewal and regeneration of the skin, eliminating wrinkles and giving glow and rejuvenation  ... Read  more

Duration: 60min / 70€

Skin Rebirth

Bespoke Miracle Skin Renewal

A high-performance, all-in-one, personalized treatment, that promises to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, deeply moisturize and regenerate the skin, soothe redness and irritation, heal scars, reinforce natural cellular turnover and improve overall appearance. Your face, décolletage, hands and arms are immersed in a shower of wellness through a series of fully custom-made products and exclusive techniques that address their individual concerns, ultimately presenting an entirely renewed look. Your skin is recharged. Your skin is reformed. Your skin is reborn!

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Duration: 60min / 95€

Face Lifting Rejuvance 

Rejuvance means renewal, rejuvenation and uplift the face. 

It is a natural and effective facial rejuvenation method that a natural lifting effect at the same time throughout the body and mind creating deep relaxation.Based on technical release subcutaneous connective tissue and muscles, as well as special massage. These techniques are applied gently, especially with the fingertips .The therapist applies Bioenergetic agigma at specific points in 91 muscles of the face, scalp, neck, shoulders, neck and décolleté

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Duration: 60min / 70€


Energetic facelift

Are you looking for an alternative beauty technique?

 The Access Facelift® is a nurturing energetic body process from Access Consciousness®.The gentle soothing touch applied to your face and neck works with your body’s cells to restore, enliven and rejuvenate.It's a wonderful way to reverse the appearance of ageing. 

Duration: 60min / 70€

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