Frequent Questions

There are problems in which the Bowtech method contraindicated?

No. The Bowtech, is a method that enables the body in order to self-healing. Because there is no body to work against itself, is not a contraindication for some acute or chronic disease or problem.

Can Bowtech method work with classic medicine?

Unlike other methods, the Bowtech not require discontinuation of medical treatment gets for each patient, to be effective. Instead it operates autonomously, helping the body to come into harmony, and will help the effectiveness of the applied medical treatment, as a body in harmony will respond better to it.

What's the point of momentary break between Bowtech movements and why should be applied only once a week?

The breaks between the movements Bowtech is the time it takes the body to transfer the stimulus he gets from working Bowtech brain so that he be instructed to activate the self-healing mechanism. The interval of seven days between two Bowtech sessions called "healing crisis." And this because it is the necessary time it takes for the body to do the healing processes and begin to gradually restore health and balance.

How long is a Bowtech session and how many sessions are usually needed to complete the restoration project?

Each session lasts 40-45 minutes. Experience has shown that, even for chronic problems usually requires 6 to 8 treatments to achieve great improvement or complete recovery.

Can the Bowtech method be used as a preventive treatment?

Bowen said that a Bowtech session at 10-12 weeks, helps the body maintain harmony and prevents the onset of diseases and illnesses. It has been shown that patients treated with the method and followed maintenance program treatment every 12 weeks maintain the therapeutic effect and the daily health better quality for much longer. Many patients following the maintenance program, remain well after several years.

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