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We are told everything by its name... Agigma, the Greek word which means touch. "Touch" is the first language we learn...with the sense of touch, human being first comes into contact and that is why it is directly linked to the feeling of love. Touch is the oldest and most widely used language in the world, the most ancient and basic form of communication. Agigma (Touch) has great power, since it can communicate a wider range of emotions than words could carry.

Research shows that Agigma (touch) has spectacular results. The warmth that hands around the body offer creates a sense of security, protection, calmness and love. The brain instructs for secretion of a protein which is called hemoglobin. It is the one that carries vital amounts of oxygen to the heart and mind. It increases significantly when you’re being touched or embraced. The result is that tension and anxiety reduce, pain is relieved, body's defense is renewed and therefore healing is faster and mental uplift is created.

The beneficial touch creates a highly vibrating field of vital energy around the point where the patient is suffering. It activates its biological functions and speeds up self-healing.

Through the power and magic that this word brings, the holistic multi-site of alternative therapies, Agigma, was established. It is located in the heart of Rethymnon Crete since 2006. In September 2017 it was moved to a larger and more beautiful space, ready to accommodate more techniques, more needs, other teachers - therapists, seminars, online learning, etc.

With Αgigma we leave a small crevice for love to pass through us... All our philosophy is based in love ... Our motto is «love yourself» and we believe that. When you love or want to love yourself, you want to heal, go deeper, unblock, throw away old habits and beliefs, make your life easier and more beautiful. Yes, life can be beautiful and happy. Ultimately, happiness is science ... and you learn it slowly. You just have to be on this path. The path of love.

Agigma Touch of soul don’t they say?  Please Feel Free to Feel it!

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