Thai-Oil Sport Aromatherapy Massage 

Not relaxing but totally muscles releasing experience

40' / 55' - 60€ / 80€

 Thai-Oil Sport Aromatherapy Massage (TOSAM) will activate muscle groups you forgotten you had. Specialized techniques will be used to reduce the pain, the stiffness and the soreness of your body!

TOSAM* as in all our services, the principle of tailor-made applies to Deep Tissue Touch as well. This means that after we hear your story and tell us about the needs of your body, we will enter the room and massage will start. We will touch your body and we will create a protocol based on all the above and personalized to you.

Different pressures according to each area, time distribution based on the body area, on the desire and the needs and not just based on a general protocol.

Our therapist are highly educate to do not rush to offer a full body massage in a certain time period, BUT in a certain time period to offer to the body the more it desires.

The pressure is higher than Deep Tissue Aromatherapy Massage and in some spots (specific accupressure points) you may need to breeth deeply and endure the pain! 

In TOSAM the therapist will use all the techniques he has from Swedish, Indian, Thai, Shiatsu massage will include stretchings and activations of the deepest muscle groups. 

After this session is best to take a day off from training, drink much water, detoxing tea mixtures and ofcourse chill and relax from obligations and dutys. 


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