Full body De-Stress

Are you looking for a unique experience? Do you want us to prove to you that we can make you feel special?

 Are you ready to experience the absolute sense and be left in the hands of our center's therapists?

If so, then the answer is only one; Full body Aromatherapy session. We have selected the ideal techniques and combined with your needs we are ready to pamper you.

It is highly recommended for your first session but also for those who already have an experience in a Spa experience.

Is it this what you are looking for?


If you prefer a gradually growing strong and deep procedure (like deep tissue)

What would you say if I told you that you could change your life in one hour all when lying down relaxing? 

You are always welcome to combine our add on short therapies with your primary one!

 Ask for availability by log into Messenger or 


*Important notice:  Aromatherapy is not a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis or therapy and that it is recommended that you see a physician for any physical ailment that you might have.



Make an Appointment Make to your body a gift!

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The house of treatment and relaxation. To deal with people and how, from our part, we will help you all to have a more fresh and well-balanced away from pain and everyday stress.


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