Thai-oil procedure 


With roots in both Chinese and Indian medicine, we can trace the origins of this tradition back 2,500 years to when the Buddha arrived in Thailand.

This type of Thai massage will enhance your strength and flexibility while it relaxes your muscles and increases the range of motion which in turn, decreases muscle and joint pain. This procedure will also help align your body.

In contrast with the oriental traditional Thai massage were client and practitioner work takes place on a traditional Thai mat on the floor. There is no oil used and the client remains completely clothed. At Agigma we engaged the benefits of Thai massage with the philosophy of aromatherapy, we also provide shiatsu pressures, activating the reflexology points and completing with yoga’s stretching.

A gradually growing strong and deep procedure (like deep tissue) in muscles with intense, slow movements and lot of stretching.

€ 70 / 60'

It will relax your muscles in depth and will allow them to detoxify and rebuild. In Agigma massage & therapies our deep massage, also combines relaxation, it is very common to fall asleep during the session.

It will activate muscle groups that you had forgotten that you have and, of course, we will relieve you from any, body disorders.

Usually, we use almond oil or olive oil with essential Oregano, Thyme and Cypress (it depends on the situation).

Long-term results are best achieved with a series of massages.

We recommend you three hours after the massage, to get a warm, comforting hot shower or bath, this is the time it takes to the body to absorb the essential oils, .

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Feet Reflexology will always be the most pleasant holistic therapy


*Important notice:  Thai-oil is not a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis or therapy and that it is recommended that you see a physician for any physical ailment that you might have.

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