Back - neck - hands or legs

If you suffer from pain in the shoulders, if you sit too long in front of a computer or have bad posture or if you simply do not have time to massage the entire body, then this treatment is ideal for you.

All the stress and tension gathers in the shoulders. As a result, that point suffers from rigidity and can causes pain even at points that you can't imagine.

The therapist works liberating, soothes the tension in the back of the head to the back, while relieves and "unfolds" the muscles.

Synchronized movements cause relaxation to the suffering point, the stress is leaving, the pain becomes past and the neck is more flexible. Immediately, your back will straighten and you feel energized.

Duration 30' - 20'

Cost: 30€ - 22€

*Important notice:  Aromatherapy is not a substitute for medical examination diagnosis or therapy and that it is recommended that you see a physician for any physical ailment that you might have.

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Petrakis Pantelis

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